general-table-3x2xSMALLIf you’d like to cook up something different this year here’s an example menu you could try for Christmas or your next family party.

Spanish Fiesta Menu Idea

The Spanish party dinner table is always full! Depending upon the time of year the table will be loaded with seasonal, local, fresh produce – for example, peas or broad beans just picked from the fields, fresh oranges scrumped from the groves or during a matanza, recently produced sausages. You’ll also find sliced meats and cheeses, tomatoes, olive oil, nuts & maltreated olives and plenty of chunks of bread. This is just to pick at before the food arrives!

The menu above includes one starter and two main courses – or depending upon how you serve it – two starters and one main course.  With truffles to finish. This is a very seafood/fish oriented menu, popular at Christmas here in Murcia.

If you want to try the menu yourself, here are the recipes:

Gambas al Ajillo – Garlic Prawns

Estornino en Escabeche – Mackerel in Brine

Paella de Pescado – Seafood Rice

Truffas – Truffles

cookery-books-2-smallAll recipes are taken from our popular Spanish cookery books.


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