Actopedic Language Learning Method

Horse riding in Corvera

Horse riding in Spain

If you’re sick of being the foreigner, pretending to learn Spanish by reading school books whilst watching Eastenders then try this instead – the (patent pending & TM applied for!) method.

Scientifically proven to work where all other attempts have failed, this simple method of learning will have you speaking a foreign language in weeks.

Gets you past the “hide in your house and moan about how difficult it is to learn a foreign language” stage. For pity’s sake, kids can speak Spanish and most of them can’t even tie their own shoelaces!

So, stop making excuses and get stuck into the system.

Double blind studies have shown that learning a language is easier of you actually try. Years of research and trillions of articles found on the internet have demonstrated enough statistical proof that even you can learn a new language.

All BS, but, from my own and my few friends’ experience (well 2 friends actually, and they’re not really my friends, just some people I met in a bar) actually getting out and doing something helps you learn. So, here are the 3 steps in the system:

  1. Choose an activity you really enjoy.
  2. Find a group of people in your target language who do that activity.
  3. Join them and get stuck in!
Fiesta Gang Preparing Food (& me)

Fiesta Gang Preparing Food (& me)

It couldn’t be simpler. If you like horse riding, join a Spanish horse riding club. If you like cooking, find a cooking course. If you want to learn to scuba dive find Spanish dive buddies. Then join in, get involved, make an effort.

Your love of the activity, coupled with your desire to participate and learn will get you over any shyness in speaking your target language. This works even better if your chosen activity is dangerous, or has an element of risk – you will really need to pay attention and learn fast in these circumstances.

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