youtube-screenshotOver the last month a group of 12 writers & bloggers have been arduously working on a project to bring you 12 videos for the 12 days of Christmas – that’s 12 x 12 videos – 144 videos about all aspects of Spain – just for you!

The 12 Videos will come out from tomorrow for the following 12 days. Here’s our list of 12 videos:

  1. Meet Odette Butz, The Horse Painter – video
  2. Recipe for Christmas Empanadillas – video
  3. A Virtual Visit to Finca Torrecillas in Murcia – video
  4. A Recipe for Turrón – A Christmas Specialty – video
  5. La Murta Bakeries – Baking 200 Tonnes of Bread per Year – video
  6. Easy Recipe for Coconut & Chocolate Balls – Great to make with the kids – video
  7. A Recipe for Huevos Rellenos (Stuffed Eggs) – another easy recipe to do with the kids – video
  8. What Happens at a Matanza – video
  9. A Recipe for Gachasmigas – video
  10. How They Make Salchicha (Sausages) – video
  11. Book Review for Spanish Cooking Uncovered: Farmhouse Favourites – video
  12. How To Party Spanish Village Style – video

Make sure not to miss any of these videos by signing up to our Youtube Channel – and looking out for the hashtag #wabas12 on twitter and facebook.

Other writers taking part include:












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