Los Alcázares on the Murcia coast is a fascinating place to visit. As well as a nice stretch of beach and plenty of restaurants, there is an ever growing collection of murals to see. They stretch for miles across the entire urban area of the town, but luckily there is a handy map available online to guide you around.

Los Alcazares Murals

A few years ago, La Compañía De Mario – a group of local artists – decided that plain white walls on the side of buildings were just a bit too boring. They set about transforming the town into a living open air art gallery. Whatever your taste in art, you’ll find a mural to suit you. Some are political while others focus on nature. There’s popular culture like the Bee Gees (at least one of them looks so much like Barry Gibb, it MUST be him!) and everything from romance to the absolute limits of surrealism.

Los Alcazares Murals

Grab a good pair of shoes as you’re going to walk some miles to see them all. It’s quite a stretch of the legs! Most importantly though, don’t forget your camera. It’s a visual treat and you are sure to want to capture your favourites to see again at home.

Los Alcazares Murals

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos of the murals. Let us know how you get on, but don’t blame us for the blisters on your feet from the distance you’ll end up walking!!


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Looking for other things to do whilst you’re there? We have two great articles on where to eat: where to eat in Los Alcázares part one and part two. As you drive around the area you’ll come across some of the other towns in the Mar Menor. Or buy the Mar Menor ebook.

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