The book is literally packed from cover to cover with the most incredibly well researched and pertinent, up to date and relevant information that anyone, and I mean anyone, interested in buying property in Murcia, living in the region or just travelling around Murcia will ever require.

If you’re about to become a new expatriate and move to Spain and in particular Murcia, this book can act as your guide, you won’t want to go anywhere without it! In fact, the information contained therein will become your life map! There is information on every single conceivable topic, nightlife, the property buying process, shopping, the population and map reference of towns, airlines and hire cars, vocabulary, fiestas, money, making concrete! Every scrap of information that Debbie and Marcus Jenkins have gleaned over the past ten years is in this book! I love it! It makes fantastic, interesting and even entertaining reading for anyone with even just a modicum of interest in Spain!

Rhiannon Williamson,

I just wish I had got this book two years ago, when I was buying my house in Murcia! The Spanish house buying process can be a bit daunting for the average Brit… but the flow charts really make the steps and the roles of the associated people… absolutely clear! As the book is full of very relevant web–site addresses, the content is actually much larger than presented… and will remain fresher… longer! Expat… would be expat… or just visiting Murcia for a holiday… this book is essential reading… don’t go without it!

John Mellor (Cheshire/Estrella de Mar)

We purchased your book via Amazon before Xmas and have found it a most useful guide to the area. We are about to start a property search in preparation for a permanent move with family to Spain at the end of the year. Had enough of cold, damp, dreary days (and nights) in Redditch and the general social decline and rising costs in Britain. So the ‘Buying in Murcia’ flowchart and viewing checklist are going to be most useful, as are the town/village guides.Congratulations again on a brilliant, practical book.

Rosemary Clarke

Thanks to your book I have already started the ball rolling towards our move to Murcia and have had a meeting with an agent’s representative who happens to be here in Cowes to spend the holiday with relations.

Ken Meynell

I purchased Going Native in Murcia, prior to our first visit to that region in September of this year. The book is well researched and covers a whole range of information and many excellent website addresses. A must for anybody considering visiting or purchasing in the Murcia region.

 Paul McGloin

This book is brilliant and has given me a good knowledge of Murcia, in preparation for my holiday there. It is very difficult to find any literature on the area and although this book is really aimed at people living or planning to live in the area, it is also invaluable for people planning to visit and who wish to make the most of their holiday.

Lin Cruickshank

I am so glad I tripped over this, a guide that concentrates on the Murcia area, which is somewhere that most books gloss right over in a page or so. This is THE only book that anyone living, touring, visiting or contemplating spending some time in the region needs. Murcia is one of the few remaining up-and-coming areas in Spain. Get in there quick, but don’t go without reading this! Covers everything anyone needs to know. I love the fact that it’s so easy to get it too!


Murcia is the up and coming region in Spain for British buyers, and this is the definitive guide to the area. I only wish we had bought it before we started looking for property in the area, it would have saved us a lot of time and effort! However this book is still proving to be indispensible as we explore the region and discover yet another delightful town off the tourist trail. Well done Debbie!

Sue Walker author of Retiring The Olé Way

I am more than happy to recommend it. It is very informative and although there are plenty of books about living in Spain this tells you everything you need to know about Murcia. I have found it very useful when venturing out to new towns and villages that I might not have otherwise gone to. An excellent read.

Mr. G Brown

This book is packed full of useful information and tips on how to live life in Murcia and avoid the pit holes many ex-pats fall down. It also includes useful contact information and excellent recommendations on places to eat and things to do in the various towns within Murcia.

Fred Bear

Having now read both the first and second editions, I am full of praise for the authors. They have captured the essence of this unique Region of Spain. I just love Los Alcázares and their review is spot on. Don’t hesitate, buy it!

David Goodall

Although I had been living in the area over six months, this book was recommended to me and I am delighted I took their advice and bought it. The description of Spanish everyday life is hilarious; I thought it was only me who observed their unusual drinking habits! A true, honest and informative account of life here in Murcia. Whenever we have friends or family over I leave it in their room, invaluable.

Mrs J M Lewis

Having visited the Murcia region, I liked the area and the people but had great difficulty in getting any information. In fact this was the only book I could find that concentrated on the area. It told me all I wanted to know. It’s a great area and the book takes the hard work out of discovering the best part of Spain.

Don Mowl

This book is an excellent reference book for people spending holidays or permanently living within the Murcia region. My wife is Spanish and is very impressed as reading the book will greatly assist in settling in to the Spanish way of life. Recommendations for eating out and recipes were good choices and all worth a visit

Mr. Brian Tennant

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