Going Native In Murcia

Going Native In Murcia

I want to make the 3rd edition of our book Going Native In Murcia the best it can be, and I know to do that I need your help. I’m looking to build a small focus group to help me. Going Native In Murcia is the only English language book about the region, and I want to massively improve upon it for this next edition.

The following people are needed, please get in touch directly with me if you’d like to be involved:

  • proof readers
  • experts on Murcia & Costa Cálida
  • people with an eye for detail
  • researchers
  • anyone with some time on their hands and an interest in the region
  • case study volunteers (if you’ve moved here then get in touch for an interview)

What you’ll get in return (sorry there’s no money involved!):

  • a link in the book to a website or charity of your choice
  • a link on the website to a website or charity of your choice
  • something interesting to help with and feel proud of
  • a free copy of the printed edition when it comes out
  • my eternal gratitude!

What I think we’ll do together & how it’ll work:

  • As the next edition of the book develops I’ll be looking for feedback and suggestions and will ask the focus group specific questions to consider.
  • I’ll need your help to make sure I cover all the things people really need to know and that I don’t miss anything – it’s so difficult to do that by yourself.
  • You can offer as much or as little help as you are able to, there’s no minimum. The people who offer the most help will also get a quarter page advert in the book to say thanks!
  • I’ll make a group on the site so we can share things and keep in touch, making it easy for us.

Get in touch by emailing me directly. Thanks in advance.


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