Mayonnaise Ingredients

Mayonnaise Ingredients

Having tried and failed many times to make mayonnaise consistently I was shocked at how easy the Spanish ladies make it look.

I tried “The Delia Way” – take 2 50g eggs at room temperature, slowly drizzle the extra virgin oil  (SLOWLY! SLOWER!), use a hand held Braun mixer and rotate the head 45 degrees, whizz for 34 seconds…

I also tried “The Jamie Way” – throw everything in the bowl, mix it all up, loverly jubberly, bish bash bosh – mayonnaise!

And finally “The Heston Blumenthal Way”: take the eggs of a perfectly formed White-Faced Black Spanish hen, allow them to come to room temperature over a 36 hour period, over a bath of scented dry ice ultra-slowly combine the ingredients in a vacuum sealed multi-sensory…

Finally, my Spanish neighbour showed me the secret! Watch the video to see just how easy it is 😉

(Turn annotations on in the video to see the instructions and ingredients – it’s a little button on the scroll bar)



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