Well of course there’s our Going Native In Murcia, still the most comprehensive guide to Murcia (well I would say that!), and there are also some others you might like to read if you can find somewhere to buy them:

From Geocolor there’s Murcia Viva – I can’t find a UK website for them, nor many bookshops. We bought our copy at the bookshop in Murcia city, Diego Marin, and you can buy a copy from their website, but it doesn’t show any more details, here’s the link: http://www.diegomarin.com/dcod/shop/user/publicacion.php?id_publicacion=938399 – The book is short, though useful and it’s been translated into English. It’s in colour and there’s a map of the city on the front cover flap and one of the region on the back cover flap.

There’s an English language book on Jumilla, Living and Discovering Jumilla from Everest. Their website is http://www.everest.es/ – but I can’t find a copy of the book – it is again in colour, with a map.

Then there are the Spanish language books, there’s Guía Viva Murcia from Anaya Touring Club and Guía Azul Murcia. Both these books are in Spanish, and are great tourist guides.

Guía Viva Murcia is in full colour, with lots of photos, it’s quite short at just 184 half size pages, but the info is good. There are maps throughout of many local towns. It’s quite expensive if you buy it from their website, but if you go to Diego Marin you can probably get it cheaper. Their site is: http://anayatouring.com/ – I can’t give a direct link to the book as the site is built in Flash (I hate flash websites!)

The Guía Azul Murcia can probably be bought from Diego Marin again, but I’ve struggled to find a link online, perhaps it’s out of print now (2008 edition).

So, let me know if you know of any other guides to the Murcia region out there in print and I’ll add them to the resources section.

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