3109461665_d90118d7d5_bThe La Murta Chefs are excited this week. They have been asked by the Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia to prepare a tasting meal of 13 different dishes from the book Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo.

The Academy selected their favourite 13 dishes from the book which has over 150 recipes. Here’s the menu they are preparing for 50 members of the Academy and their invited guests:



Menú de Degustación – Tasting Menu

Aperitivos – Starters

Embutidos caseros de La Murta – Homemade sausages (morcón, butifarra, chorizo, salchichón, longanizas)

Queso fresco de cabra – Fresh goat’s cheese

Pan de la Murta – La Murta bread

Pastel de zarangollo con morcillas murcianas – Terrine of Vegetables & Black Pudding

Murcia salad

Murcia salad

Ensaladas – Salads

Ensalada murciana – Murcian Salad

Ensalada de col y naranja – Cabbage & Orange Salad

Ensalada de patatas marinera – Fishermen’s Potato Salad

Guiso – Stew

Sémola – Grits

Entrantes – Main Courses

Cauliflower and clams

Cauliflower and clams

Coliflor con almejas – Cauliflower & Clams

Paella llamada Empedrado – Rice With Cod

Estornino en escabeche – Mackerel in Brine

Hígados y asaduras al ajo cabañil – Livers & Offal in Garlic

Pollo a la huertana – Market Garden Chicken

Postres – Desserts



Nuegos – Nuegos

Torrijas murteñas – La Murta Torrijas

Chocolatines – Almond Truffles

Bebidas – Drinks

Sorbete de limón ó espuma de limón – Lemon sorbet

Agua de la Sierra de Carrascoy – Water from the Carrascoy spring

Vino del terreno:Blanco y Tinto – Locally made white & red wine

Vino dulce: Mistela – Sweet locally made wine

DSC_0703Café de olla – Coffee in the pan

The Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia

The Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia is a prestigious organisation established in 2010 as part of the Real Academia Española de Gastronomía in Madrid. The main purpose of the Academy is the public recognition of the common cultural heritage of the food of the region, with the belief that food and its manner of preparation are the result of the origin and culture of all the villages and inhabitants. When they saw the book, Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo – in Spanish & English – with 150 recipes from our small village of La Murta they were enthusiastic to visit and taste the local delicacies. The chefs of La Murta are equally excited and enthusiastic to show their prowess in the kitchen.

DSC_0164For more recipes and for all the recipes in this Menú de Degustación get the book – Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo.

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