Zarangollo is a common dish in the Murcian countryside in Spain. It is frequently served in tapas bars in the area. The dish is a scrambled eggs with courgettes, onion, and occasionally potatoes. All ingredients are sliced very finely, fried in olive oil and then mixed with the beaten eggs.


Murcian Recipe – Zarangollo

Eat as a tapas or serve on fresh bread as a main meal. This amount probably serves 6 people as a main meal.


  • 2 Kilos Courgettes Calabacines
  • 1/2 Kilo Onions Cebollas
  • 6 Eggs Huevos
  • 1-2 Potatoes Patatas - optional
  • Oil Aceite and Salt (Sal)


  1. Cut the courgettes into bite size chunks.
  2. Cut the onions into smallish pieces.3. If using, slice thinly and chop the potatoes.
  3. Fry them all in the olive oil in a heavy pan, slowly.
  4. When the courgettes are soft and cooked through break the eggs and mix them into the mixture.
  5. Add salt to taste, when the eggs are cooked it's ready to serve.

What Really Happened…

I made this for my mom when she was here last. She’s mostly vegetarian so I thought she’d like it – I was right – it was a hit!

However, some additional guidelines are needed – you need a large pan, with a heavy base, and some patience with the cooking time – it takes quite a while for the courgettes and spuds to cook down enough. Keep the heat low and stir regularly – you don’t want to colour the vegetables (my mistake), just cook them thoroughly.

When adding the eggs don’t whisk them up first – you need the eggs to almost stay separate when they cook – more like fried eggs, than scrambled eggs. I stirred them up a bit too much – you need to see the separation between white and yolk when it’s cooked.

I would also suggest getting rid of any excess oil in the pan before adding the eggs – you need very little, and the vegetables are all coated with oil anyway, so nothing will stick.

I like the recipe with the spuds added, it makes it a bit more substantial if you’re having it as the main part of your meal, I suggest serving it with some salad and bread. As an appetizer or a tapas it works really well with fresh crusty bread.

I also recommend adding some garlic. I’m not sure if this is traditional, or if my recipe is missing it, but I really think a little garlic would have perked up the flavours. Along with some freshly ground black pepper.


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