This is a great recipe to make with your kids. They also make a wonderful centre piece at a party.

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Boiled eggs are used a lot in cookery here in Murcia, mainly because most countryside houses have their own free range chickens. If you have a dozen eggs to spare this is great way to use them up and have fun with your kids.

This recipe was provided by Consuelo Sánchez from La Murta, she was taught how to make these snowman in Sección Femenina classes more than 40 years ago.

Boiled Egg Snowmen – Huevos Chinos – Recipe in Spanish & English



  • 12 huevos
  • Anchoas
  • Olivas rellenas
  • Unas granitos de pimienta
  • Pimiento rojo en conserva
  • Tomate frito
  • Palillos


  • 12 medium eggs hard boiled
  • Small tin of anchovies
  • Small tin of stuffed olives
  • 36 black peppercorns
  • Jar of roasted red peppers
  • Tomato frito
  • Cocktail sticks



  1. Se cuecen los huevos. Después se le corta la parte más fina del huevo, un trocito. Se coge un palillo, se pone al huevo hacia abajo donde se lo ha cortado la capa en un recipiente con tomate frito y encima se pone la parte que hemos cortado.
  2. Tomar una oliva rellena y hacer un corte a modo de boca. Poner 3 pimientas negras en 'la cara' de cada oliva para hacer los ojos y la nariz. Poner una oliva rellena en un palillo y ponerlo encima del huevo haciendo la cabeza.
  3. Ese trocito de huevo que le hemos cortado, se deja para hacer el sombrero del chinito. Con un poco de pimiento se hace la bufanda y la anchoa se le pone en la parte de arriba y se le pone con el mismo palillo.


  1. Peel the hard boiled eggs. Chop the bottom 1/4 off, so that the egg can stand up, like in the photo. Keep the chopped off part as the hat.
  2. Tip the tomato frito onto a serving plate, place the 12 eggs standing up in the frito.
  3. Take a stuffed olive and cut a little slit to make a mouth. Poke three black peppercorns into the 'face' of each olive to make eyes and nose.
  4. Push a stuffed olive onto a cocktail stick and push it through the egg, making a head. Push the cut off egg part onto the stick and top with an anchovy.
  5. Slip a little cut red pepper round the snowman's neck as a scarf.


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