Kind of like eggy-bread or French toast, Torrijas are a wonderful way to use up left over dry bread and all those eggs our chickens are making now the weather has warmed up. As with all my recipes, which are usually passed to me from the ladies in the village (though for this recipe I had input from two bread-maker’s wives, the owner of the stables where I keep my horse and a 14-year old girl) the actual ingredients and weights and measures are a little bit lacking in specificity. I’m sure you’ll get it right, like the 14-year old said, “It’s easy, even my brother can make them!”


Some extra tips:

  1. Make more than you need so you can taste-test them as you go – 3 for the guests, 1 for taste-testing, 3 for the guest pile, 1 for taste-testing, repeat… You get the idea!
  2. They are definitely best recien hecho (just made) – but are still good the next day, and the day after that.
  3. My next batch will be soaked in something other than milk. Apparently café con leche is a good soaking agent and adds a nice twist. I’m considering a glass or two of Baileys!
  4. Cleaning up after frying is always fun, and by the time you’ve fried your last few the pan will be mighty yucky.
  5. Serve just as they are for breakfast or as a pudding. Or try with pears in red wine and home-made turrón ice-cream (recipes to follow).

Making Torrijas for Easter


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