Debs Jenkins Diving

Debs Jenkins Diving

Murcia is a great place to learn and explore scuba diving. The Mar Menor’s shallow, calm and warm waters are great for beginners and the Mediterranean itself has loads of opportunities once you’ve got your certificate. The Federación de Actividades Subacuáticas de la Región de Murcia,, provides a central point of contact for most clubs in the region. Also, have a look at the PADI web site for accredited dive centres in Murcia:

Around the whole Mar Menor region there are extensive beaches used for diving: el Mojón beach, Torre Derribada, La Llana, Las Salinas, Barraca Quemada and Punto de Algas, all in the Salinas Regional Park. The seabed offers a surprising range of attractive sands and the remains of Roman shipwrecks.

On the Mediterranean, all along the south coast there are Scuba clubs. Have a look on for more details of all the clubs in the region, plus an easy contact form.

For an article about our personal favourite places to scuba dive on the Costa Cálida take a look at this link: And for an article about our nephew’s first time diving on the Costa Cálida take a look at this:

Dive Clubs On the Costa Cálida

Águilas, Buceo Águilas, Calle Isaac Peral, 13, 968 493215 or 617 910973.

Águilas, Escuela de buceo ESTELA, Paseo de Parra, 38,, 627 522233.

Cabo de Palos, Islas Hormigas Club, 968 145530,

Cabo de Palos, Planeta Azul, PADI Dive Centre, 968 564532,

Cartagena, Carthago Diving, Muelle Alfonso XII, 640 113954,

La Azohía, Andrómeda, 968 150328.

La Azohía, Rivemar,, 968 150063. (Our favourite club)

La Manga, Mundo Activo, PADI Dive Centre, 968 337087

La Manga, Deep Impact Diving Center, PADI Dive Centre, 968 337 220

Puerto de Mazarrón, Zoea, Plaza del Mar, 20– PADI Dive Centre, 968 154006

Scuba Diving Villa de San Pedro, 676 745022

Scuba Diving Pinatar, 699 121523

Scuba Diving Turkana, 617 355636,

Buying Dive Gear in Murcia

For gear, there are scuba shops around in Puerto Mazarrón and La Manga. However, the best we have found is in Murcia, Armería de Carmen (yes, we know it’s a gunsmith, they also sell fishing tackle!), Calle Floridablanca, 24, 968 251152. They also have a small branch in Cartagena, Avenida de America, 8, 968 521857.

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