Fuggles & Dani on their morning run

This morning I did a little run, the first one for about 1 month. My excuse has been that it’s too hot, but really, I should be used to the heat by now and the last few days have cooled down a little, with a little cloud cover. I’m not really the “right” shape for running, I have short round muscles (calf muscles that Will Carling would be proud of) – I’m more of a weight lifter than a long distance runner. However, I really like running, particularly with my mad dogs, so enough of the excuses.

I’ve got lots of reasons to keep up with the running here in the foothills of the Carrascoy mountains:

  • I need to get fitter for horse riding – anyone who thinks you just sit on the horse and enjoy the ride is sorely (pun intended) mistaken (I know I was!)
  • The dogs love it – I’ve almost got them trained to run beside me on the leads, though Fuggles does like to keep in front to watch for danger.
  • The views here are fantastic, running let’s me see more in the time I have available in the mornings!
  • Marcus bought me a great gadget – Garmin Forerunner 305 Wrist-Worn GPS Personal Training Device with Heart Rate Monitor – that helps me manage my training program (now I just need to remember to wear it!)
  • My friend Andy is coming to visit and he’s training for the Amsterdam marathon, maybe he’ll give me some tips.
  • I have made a commitment to do the 3km run for MABS (cancer support group here in Murcia) in November – oh oh!

Great view of the Carrascoy mountains, my morning run

So, that’s my list of reasons to run, much longer than my list of excuses. Anyone want to be my virtual running partner?

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