Kindle Cartagena City Guide from

Kindle Cartagena City Guide from

We’ve published a new Kindle guide for Cartagena under our MyNativeGuide brand. It’s the kindle version of the Cartagena Android App for those people who don’t have an Android phone.

The Kindle MyNativeGuide to Cartagena, Spain covers a wide geographical area encompassing Beal and Canteras with their mining works, Cartagena City full of Roman remains and some of the best restaurants in the area, Escombreras a much-maligned fascinating industrial area, La Algameca Chica where you can still bump into the odd pirate, La Unión the heart of the mining and flamenco area, Perín with some of our favourite beaches, Portmán in the national park of Calblanque, San Antonio Abad with its Bond-like fortresses and Santa Lucía the quaint fishing village.

When we were developing the Android App earlier in the year we visited and re-visited over 100 places in Cartagena, took photos, checked locations and opening  times, tried the food (such difficult work!) and enjoyed the beaches, walks, attractions and Roman remains. We focus on towns and places that the usual guides just can’t reach. Inland villages, forgotten hamlets, the best authentic food and hidden panoramas, with frank reviews, objective descriptions and useful contact details.

“This Cartagena City, Spain guide includes more than 100 points of interest personally researched and visited by the travel writers. Each point of interest has a photograph, location details, contact information, a frank review and exact geographical positioning, so you can find your way easily. MyNativeGuides are made by experts in the local area,who write unbiased, truthful, objective reviews of restaurants, bars, locations, events, points of interest, activities and places to visit. You can’t pay to be included in our guides, you just have to be great!”

Wondering if you should buy this Kindle Cartagena City Guide from or the Going Native In Cartagena City Guide?

The MyNativeGuide ebook focuses on places to visit, with location and contact details and our review, which is great if you’re visiting for a short time and want to make the most of your visit. It is focused and precise.

The Going Native Guide suits you if you’re interested in the history, the surrounds and the Murcia region itself. The Going Native Guide is for people staying for a while, is twice as big as it covers a larger area and includes information on the food in the region, language, customs etc.



Janet: “An excellent book, giving good information on the area and ideas for places to visit. Even for those of us who spend many months in the area this book gives details that we may not know about and a reference for visitors who want to explore the city. “

Sharpie: “I had been thinking about visiting Cartagena for some time which is why I bought this guide. I am now very much looking forward to visiting the area thanks to the useful information it contained, which can only really be known by people who live there. I will probably now buy Going Native in Murcia to learn even more about the region.”

Mrs BD Gardiner: “Love this book, and next time I’m in Cartagena I’ll feel more knowledgeable about the history and culture of this beautiful city.”

Henry: “This has excellent information and is well worth buying prior to a visit to Cartagena. Lovely photographs and location assistance when visiting.”



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