Going Native In Murcia 3rd EditionThe particular climatic conditions of the Mar Menor with a high percentage of hours of sunshine a year and a high salinity have resulted in the extreme north of the lagoon in the area known as La Puntica becoming famous for its mud. The mud has a high percentage of cations, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluoride, as well as anions, chloride and sulfate. Mud is famous for its beauty and curative qualities. The muds of Las Charcas and Lo Pagán are particularly good due to the high salination of the waters of the Mar Menor. When the mud is applied to the skin it is reputed to have a great therapeutic value for all types of ailments, including: rheumatism, arthritis, gout, skin disorders and bone fractures.

The mud is found in abundance at a number of beaches along the Mar Menor. So, why should you cover yourself in mud and bake in the hot sun? Well the mud has all those positive and negative ions, which combine with extraordinarily fine sand to create a unique mud that has healing properties.

For a DIY mud bath the best thing to do is follow anyone with a trowel and see where they get their mud from. Dig yourself a handful, you won’t need much it goes a long way, and slather yourself with it. Bake for 20 minutes and rinse!

For a more luxurious experience visit one of the many specialist centres in the region and indulge. Take a look at my report of my visit to the spa…

Thalassotherapy Centres in The Murcia Area

Spa Aguas Salinas, Crucero Baleares, 2, Playa de Villanietos, San Pedro del Pinatar, 968 184136, www.aguassalinas.com

Thalassotherapy Barceló Lodomar, Calle Río Bidasoa,1, Las Charcas, San Pedro del Pinatar, 968 186802, www.barcelo.com

Thalasia, Avenida del Puerto, 327-329, San Pedro del Pinatar, 902 334330, www.thalasia.com

Entre Mares, Segunda Avenida, La Manga del Mar Menor, 902 258282, www.entremares.es

Balnearios Around Murcia

Balneario de Leana, Calle Balneario, Fortuna, 902 444410, www.leana.es

Balneario de Archena, Carretera Del Balneario, Archena, 902 333222, www.balneariodearchena.com

Spas on the Costa Cálida

Hotel Mangalan, Gran Vía, km7, La Manga del Mar Menor Murcia, 968 337000, www.hotelmangalan.com

La Manga Club, La Manga Club, 968 331234, www.lamangaclub.com

Intercontinental Spa & Golf Resort, Torre Pacheco, 968 041822, www.intercontinental.com/marmenor

Hotel Don Juan, Avenida Puerto Deportivo, 1, Playa de Poniente, Águilas, 968 493493, www.hoteldonjuan.es

To find out more about the health benefits of visiting a balneario or spa take a look at: www.turismurciasalud.com

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