After four more years of research, investigating, enjoying and eating (!) here in Murcia we’ve eventually finished the third edition of our popular book, Going Native In Murcia. This one is a whopper, with 3 times as much information plus town maps. I can’t believe how thick it is, and we made the size of the book larger. It now weighs in at 286 pages.

If you’ve bought either of the two previous editions you’ll be shocked at how much more information we’ve packed into this new one. All the golf courses, horse riding centres, spas and balnearios… more restaurant reviews, location reports, the opera, jazz festivals, Roman remains, cinemas, shopping centres, museums and galleries… market days, fiesta dates, maps of some of the main towns, walking routes… I could go on! Here’s the Marketing Blurb below!

EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MURCIA REGION! Full of useful tips straight from a British couple who now call this region their home. Let Debbie and Marcus be your guides as they share their love for Murcia, its people and its surrounds with intimate details, personal stories and hot tips for visitors, home buyers and new natives alike. This third edition has been carefully revised and is packed full of 300% more information including all town guides and selected maps. Going Native in Murcia – the most comprehensive guide in print – is now even better.

  • Comprehensive town and city guide with maps
  • The best places to eat, drink and have fun
  • Where to find the best beaches
  • Museums, churches and theatres to visit
  • Fun stuff to do from hiking to golf and scuba to horseriding
  • All about the food, wines and tapas of the region
  • Party all year round with the detailed fiesta finder
  • How to get all the home comforts (without the rubbish weather)
  • Tips for dog and cat owners
  • Natives share their stories
  • Dealing with builders, DIY and gardening
  • Coping with home sickness

This third edition has been carefully revised and is packed full of extra information. Going Native in Murcia – the most comprehensive guide in print – is now even better.

This book has taken 9 years to research and has been a real pleasure, taking us around the whole region that we now like to call our home. The first edition came out in May 2005, when we had to force ourselves to stop adding information and get the book out there! This third edition for 2012 has been fully revised and updated and includes maps, 300% more information, data on every town in the region, a list of the golf courses, the new airport details, what’s happening at Paramount, plus loads more…

The book was born out of the frustration of none of the major guides covering the region, or at best only dedicating 4 or 5 pages to it. When they did mention Murcia they focused entirely on the golf complexes and housing estates. In fact, the only guides we could find that covered the Murcia region in any detail were in Spanish, interspersing flowery language with inaccurate information. So we felt it was time for someone to put this major region firmly on the map.

Murcia is a beauty, with warm and welcoming people, a strong property market, wonderful food and fantastic weather. Our goal for you as you read this book is that you’ll be able to enjoy visiting this region in all its glory – with us as your equally wide-eyed guides. If you’re thinking of investing here or even making this region your new home then the sections on buying and visiting will tell you all you need to know.

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Debs Jenkins

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