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If you’re coming to visit the wonderful city of Cartagena here in Murcia, Spain then make sure you don’t waste a precious minute of your time and get hold of the Cartagena Android app before you get here.

We’ve been working on a new system of delivering our researched content on the towns and regions of Spain. Of course we have printed books and electronic books (for your Kindle or other e-readers), and now we have apps for your smartphone.

If you want to know the best restaurants or where to stay, what to do at night, or even where to get Japanese food, then the guide is right for you. We’ve included more than 100 points of interest – tourist attractions, Roman remains, buses and boats, submarines and sand, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. We’ve added phone numbers and website addresses. There’s even a photo of each place so you can spot it easily. Click on the map icon and see exactly where you need to go. Want directions? One click and you’ll have them. You don’t need to pay for expensive roaming charges, download everything to your phone and off you go!

Pack in your suitcase – the trusted guide from local experts.

MyNativeGuides are made by experts in the local area, who write unbiased, truthful, objective reviews of restaurants, bars, locations, events, points of interest, activities and places to visit. This Cartagena, Spain guide includes more than 100 points of interest personally researched and visited by the travel writers. Each point of interest has a photograph, location details, contact information and a frank review. Also includes La Unión and Portmán areas.

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