Follow That Van! Estrella Levante - Murcia beer (photo from:

My friend Javi runs the Feria International Cerveza Murcia in the Plaza de Universidad in Murcia (how curious to be so close to the University!)

His facebook page and fan club is growing and he’ll have his own website for the Feria soon.

Take a look at the facebook page to see descriptions of just a few of the many beers you can try – they have more than 40 from all over the world. From Deperados to Murphy’s Irish Red, Free Damm (non-alcoholic, what’s the point of that then?) to Cerveza de Abadía (6.5%, now we’re talking!), Saaz to Estrella Levante (one of my favourites).  The facebook site tells you a little more about each beer, how it tastes, where it comes from and a little history.

If you like beer, you’ll love the Feria International Cerveza Murcia – click on the “Like” button so you can see what other beers they have… See you there, I’ll have an Alhambra!


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