June 23, 2018
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The Matanza in Spain – Fiesta de la Matanza – What Happens…

Feb 4, 2014


At the end of November or early December here in Murcia we often have a celebration called a matanza. A pig, that has been raised here in La Murta, is humanely slaughtered at a local abattoir and then returned to the villagers, where a skilled butcher will cut the meat and prepare it for different dishes, including salchichas.

The extended family and friends gather and enjoy breakfast together and watch the proceedings. Every part of the pig is used. The produce will be shared around the family and feed them through the winter months. Even the village cats get a little treat.

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Fiesta Funding – Working Hard to Party Hard!

Jan 31, 2014

Every year, throughout the year, in villages and towns around Spain, Fiesta Committees – Comisiónes de Fiestas – will be working hard to collect money to pay for the Fiesta Patronale. They will organise macropremios (bingo), parties, lunches, sell lottery tickets and arrange events. The committee is unpaid and works very hard so that you can party hard!

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Making Sausages Spanish Style – Salchichas

Jan 26, 2014

Salchichas are usually made from ground meat (in this case pork) with a skin around it, typically made from intestine.

During the matanza at the end of November, the butchers work on their recipes for salchicha – this video shows you the process in our village in La Murta. From the mincing of the meat, the addition of special spices and ingredients, to the filling of the sausage skins and separating into links. The salchichas are then hung for curing or popped straight onto the barbecue! Watch the video to see how they do it!

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Gachasmigas – Spanish Wintertime Recipe

Jan 16, 2014

plate-gachasmigasGachasmigas is a specialty of the region of Murcia, using few ingredients and prepared on wet and windy days in the winter. A big pan of gachasmiga can feed a group of 30 or more people. Serve it with winter fruit or vegetables, figs, grapes, oranges… basically whatever you fancy!

Whilst gachasmigas is a dish that has few ingredients you do need to be quite fit to make it – you need to keep stirring till it’s cooked. It’s one of those dishes that warms you twice – once when you make it and once when you eat it!

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Different Perspectives on Spain – Families, Teenagers & Adults With Learning Disabilities…

Dec 16, 2013

There’s lots written about visiting Spain, moving to Spain and living here, but these three people show a different perspective. Have a look at their videos and subscribe to their youtube channels to see more from these different perspectives…

Lisa Sadleir on Family Life in Spain


Cassie Middlemiss on Being A Teenager in Spain


Diana Berryman on Adults With Learning Disabilities




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