May 26, 2018
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Discover The Mar Menor Series – San Pedro del Pinatar, Lo Pagan, Santiago de la Ribera, Los Alcázares, Los Nietos, El Carmolí, Cabo de Palos & Everywhere in Between!

Jul 16, 2014

Mar Menor Map from

Discover the Mar Menor with our series of articles on the towns along the inland coastline and download the Kindle ebook to get even more inside information on this beautiful holiday destination.

We have loads of photos to share to show you the beauty of this region. We cover the 35km of inland Mar Menor coastline: the towns, beaches, activities, restaurants and quirks. From the mud baths at Lo Pagan to the dive boats at Cabo de Palos.

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If you need a map for the area download this one: Mar Menor Mappa Map

In this series we cover:




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Horchata de Almendras – Almond Milk – Spanish Recipe & Video

Jul 7, 2014

DSC_0027During the hot days of summer all around the Murcia area you will be able to buy this gorgeous and refreshing drink – Horchata. Made from almonds, sugar, lemon and ice, with a touch of cinnamon this is really a delicious way to use up your leftover almonds from the summer harvest. Keep a home made bottle in your freezer and defrost for 1/2 an hour before serving. I’ve even been known to add a little vodka to mine!

This recipe is from Pedro Pagán Noguera – Pedrico from La Murta

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Chef For A Day in Murcia at La Tapa Restaurant

Jul 1, 2014

Spain’s Master Chef – Begoña Rodrigo – was the chief judge at a cookery contest I entered with a recipe from our book: Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo.

The contest was run by Las Flores Quality Tapas – a chain of excellent restaurants in Murcia city. The first round was to enter your tapas recipe and then get votes on facebook. I got through to the second round in 3rd place – thanks facebook friends for voting for me!


The final of the contest was a wonderful opportunity to be a chef for the day at La Tapa restaurant in Plaza de Flores, Murcia. On a sunny Saturday morning the eight participants headed into the city to put the finishing touches on their dish. This was my first time in a professional kitchen. I was third to present my dish to the panel of judges which included two of the chefs from Las Flores Quality Tapas restarants, The Murcialist – Joaquin and of course Spain’s Master Chef – Begoña Rodrigo. I was led down from the upstairs kitchen, carrying one of my prepared plates and told to present myself to Begoña and introduce myself and the dish. Then we waited for the results.

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Tentegorra Park & Waterpark versus Aqua Natura Murcia

Jul 1, 2014

Coming on holiday to the Murcia region with your kids and you’ll no doubt be looking for a water park to visit. Of course you could zip up the coast and head into Benidorm for the Aqualandia experience, at about 23 euros per person, or to Aqua Natura in Benidorm for about the same price. Or you could stick around the Murcia area and enjoy one of our two water parks – Aqua Natura Murcia or the little known Parque Tentegorra near Cartagena.

Aqua Natura Murcia (Terra Natura)

Just North West of Murcia city on a natural hillside is Aqua Natura / Terra Natura Murcia a zoo and waterpark.

Terra Natura Murcia, the zoo, has 3 themed areas Kenya, Peninsular Iberica and Zanzibar. The basic entrance fee is around €20 but is discounted on the internet and in local papers by around €5 and it is well worth the cost to see animals and birds in their natural habitat. There are Birds of Prey and Sea Lions/Exotic Birds shows which start at about 12-00pm and 12-45pm respectively, with plenty of good seating available.

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Reviews & Articles About The Cookery Book: Recetas del Campo – Spanish Village Cooking

Jun 26, 2014

Here are some links to reviews and articles about the book Recetas del Campo – Spanish Village Cooking

Delightful new cookery book is a compilation of local recipes from the village of La Murta… from Novelist Joan Fallon


Ray’s version of Murcian Pie from the recipe book

Joan’s husband, Ray, cooked the Murcia meat pie – have a look at the review and photos. Joan is a novelist and writes with a Spanish theme, see my review of her book Loving Harry.

The book is clearly laid out in Spanish and English, so it is easy for a foreigner to identify the ingredients they need to buy in the local supermarket.  There are plenty of photographs of the dishes, always a good way to tempt the cook to try something new.


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Visit from the Academia de Gastronomía to La Murta – Press Release

May 26, 2014


Los Chefs de La Murta

Los Chefs de La Murta

Overview: 150 recipes from 35 chefs from a small village, La Murta, in Murcia Spain. Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo is written in English & Spanish and available worldwide.

For more information:

Visit from the Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia to La Murta

On May 23rd the Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia visited the small village of La Murta to celebrate the success of their new recipe book with a tasting lunch of 13 dishes prepared by the Chefs of La Murta. Eleven chefs prepared their own recipes for the menu chosen by the Academy from the book. Also three La Murta wine makers provided their red/white & sweet wines for the tasting. The local charcuterie shop provided embutidos (Spanish sausages) and the three bakeries provided the bread. Twenty eight visitors from the Academy enjoyed the 13 course degustacion menu.

For photos visit:

The book, Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo, was published in March 2014, three months after the initial idea. It is written in Spanish and English, with more than 80 photographs. Thirty five cooks offered their family recipes to produce more than 150 traditional Murcian dishes. Contributions also came from a few cooks who now call La Murta their home, with a dish from Moratalla, recipes from Extremadura and of course one from Debbie herself. The first print run has already sold out, with more books on their way.

Contributions from the profit for the book will go to the fiesta commission to spend on the yearly village fiesta in May.



5 star review – Jakki at “Enhorabuena a la autora. Me compré su úlltimo libro y pensé como me hubiera gustado que fuera en castellano. Este libro es muy bien escrito en los dos idiomas. La versión Kindle tiene muy bien precio. A lovely book, beautifully written in both English and Spanish. Excellent price on the Kindle. Highly recommended.”

Photos from the Visit from the Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia

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Visita de La Academia de Gastronomía a La Murta – Nota de prensa

May 26, 2014
Los Chefs de La Murta

Los Chefs de La Murta

Resumen: 150 recetas de 35 chefs del pueblo de La Murta. El libro “Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo” está escrito en inglés y castellano y está en venta por el mundo entero.

Visita de La Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia a La Murta

El día 23 de mayo 2014 La Academia de Gastronomía de la Región de Murcia ha visitado a La Murta para celebrar el éxito del libro de recetas con una comida de degustación de 13 platos preparada por los chefs de La Murta.  Once chefs han preparado sus proprios recetas según una lista seleccionada del libro por La Academia. También han participado tres bodegas particulares de vino del terreno, los tres panaderías de hornos de leña del pueblo y la famosa charcutería de embutidos caseros.  Han asistido 28 personas de La Academia con sus invitados.

Para más fotos visita

El libro, “Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo”, fue publicado en marzo de 2014, tres meses después de la idea inicial. Está escrito en español e inglés, con más de 80 fotos. Treinta y cinco cocineros ofrecieron sus recetas familiares para producir más de 150 platos tradicionales murcianos. Las contribuciones también provienen de unos pocos cocineros que ahora llaman a La Murta su casa, con un plato de Moratalla, recetas de Extremadura y por supuesto uno de Debbie misma. Ya se ha vendido la primera tirada, con más ejemplares en su camino.

Se da una proporción de los beneficios de la venta del libro a la Comisión de Fiesta para gastar en la fiesta patronale del pueblo que se celebra cada año en mayo.


  • La Murta es un pequeño pueblo en Murcia con sólo 107 habitantes.
  • Marcus & Debbie Jenkins se trasladó a La Murta en 2005. Marcus es consultor de software y Debbie es  escritora, que escribieron juntos “Going Native In Murcia”, ahora en su tercera edición.
  • Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo está disponible en versión impresa para comprar en / / y directamente de Debbie Jenkins por sólo € 15.
  • Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo está disponible en las ediciones de Kindle para € 3,77 .
  • es una pequeña editorial especializada en libros para los amantes de España . Títulos anteriores incluyen : “Going Native en Murcia”, “Buying Property in Murcia” y “The Cartagena City Guide”. Para obtener más información, visite
  • Fotos y recetas de muestra están disponibles. Ponte en contacto con Debbie Jenkins.
  • Para recibir una copia de la revisión del “Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo” o para hablar con los chefs de La Murta o Debbie Jenkins, ponte en contacto con Debbie Jenkins.


5 estrellas valoración – Jakki en  :”Enhorabuena a la autora. Me compré su úlltimo libro y pensé como me hubiera gustado que fuera en castellano. Este libro es muy bien escrito en los dos idiomas. La versión Kindle tiene muy bien precio. A lovely book, beautifully written in both English and Spanish. Excellent price on the Kindle. Highly recommended.”

Fotos de La Visita de La Academia de Gastronomía a La Murta

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British Authors in Spain – Joan Fallon

May 21, 2014

Meet Joan Fallon – Novelist in Málaga

Joan Fallon was born in Scotland and after a career spanning teaching, lecturing and starting her own management and development company she moved to Málaga, Spain to become a writer. No stranger to tragedy, the loss of Joan’s seventeen year old son changed the course of her life. She writes about strong, interesting women who often times don’t realise how capable they are until they are tested. Joan has a passion for Spain and this is evident in her writing.

Her first published work was a social history, Daughters of Spain, inspired by the women she met in her adopted home of Málaga.

The research for Daughters of Spain encouraged her to write the following two novels: Spanish Lavender, which is set in Málaga during the early years of the Civil War and The House on the Beach, the story of two young women growing up in Franco’s Spain. A further two novels, Loving Harry and Santiago Tales have grown out of her experiences living and working in Spain. She now self-publishes her work as Scott Publishing.

Joan Fallon’s Books

To date she has written seven novels aimed at the women’s commercial fiction market: A Family Affair, Love is All You Need, Between the Sierra and the Sea (published in 2011 and republished as Spanish Lavender in 2013), Loving Harry (2012), The House on the Beach (2012), The Only Blue Door (2013) and Santiago Tales (2013).  Her latest novel, The Shining City, was self-published in 2014 under her own label Scott Publishing. Joan has also written Daughters of Spain, a non-fiction book based on authentic interviews with a number of Spanish women of all ages and from all walks of life; this was first published by in 2009 and a revised edition came out in 2014.

My Review of Loving Harry

Loving Harry

Loving Harry – the story of two fascinating women, with Harry as their connection. The novel moves seamlessly between the UK & Spain and takes us on a journey, over 20+ years in the lives of these two successful women who love Harry. A moving tale of love affairs, marriage, sorrow, desertion, secrets, career changes and death. The story leaves me realising that people are not just the sum of their actions and that it’s easy to misjudge the real person behind the façade. With a gentle twist that reveals itself near the end, perhaps shedding some light onto Harry’s self destructive behaviour, this novel leaves me with a desire to be more understanding. There are many “Harrys” here in the south of Spain, hiding from baggage, debts or family; making a new life for themselves; wiping the slate clean. But perhaps we can never really escape from ourselves…

Follow Joan at Twitter or on Facebook.

Get Joan Fallon’s books from Amazon.

If you’re a writer or author living in Spain and want to be featured get in touch.

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Visiting Cartagena? Take A Trip To The Canteras Area…

May 13, 2014

Canteras Canteras is a coastal town with its most notable destination the anti-aircraft battery located in the mountains, Batería De Roldán. You gain access by the road at Estación Naval de la Algameca, which is in very bad condition but worth as visit. However there are plenty of trails for walkers starting at Tentegorra, which is easier to access.

The Batería De Roldán anti-aircraft battery was set up to strengthen the naval base in Cartagena, emanating from the 1926 Defense Plan. It had a very active role during the Civil War (1936-39) and was finally deactivated in 1965. Currently within the grounds of the Ministry of Defence and is in total state of disrepair. It was declared a Cultural Heritage site.

Batería de Roldán

On a beautiful May morning a couple of years ago we decided to take our dogs and our friend who was visiting on a bracing walk up a mountain.

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Bird Salad – Ensalada De Aves Sabrosa Y Esquisita – Spanish Recipe

May 12, 2014

bird-salad-3x6This is a great salad recipe, full of flavour, simple to prepare and looks impressive. You can have it as a starter or as a main course, the quantities in this recipe serve 4 as a main course. Choose whatever type of poultry you like – we used small chickens so that we could cut the cooked chicken in half and serve a half chicken per person. If you are serving as a starter you could cut the chicken into 4 pieces and serve 6 people with the quantities. Add the mayonnaise last and just before serving.

The poultry used during the Civil War period, when this recipe was recorded, would likely have been game birds, caught at FincaTorrecillas for the table. Quail and partridges are abundant in the countryside around Murcia at certain times of the year. The Finca also bred their own chickens for eggs and for eating.

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