June 23, 2018
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Nuegos – Dulce Típico de La Murta – Typical Sweet from La Murta – Recipe in Spanish & English

Apr 30, 2015
Nuegos for pudding

Nuegos for pudding

I was terrified of adding this recipe when I was researching, writing and editing the book Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo, the cookery book for the small village of La Murta here in Murcia, Spain.


Because every family in La Murta has their own special way of making this dessert, everyone makes it slightly differently and everyone’s recipe is the best! When the book was published and people started to buy it and read it I was getting comments about how this recipe was “wrong”, “we don’t make it like that”, “we add more honey/lemon/flour…”

I knew it!

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Boiled Egg Snowmen – Huevos Chinos – Recipe in Spanish & English

Apr 26, 2015
Stuffed eggs

Boiled Egg Snowmen

This is a great recipe to make with your kids. They also make a wonderful centre piece at a party.

This recipe is taken from our cookery book Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo. It can also be found along with 8 other fun recipes in our free download – Cooking With Your Kids – 9 Spanish Recipes, which you can get immediately by signing up to our newsletter.

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Murcia Salad – Ensalada de Murcia – Recipe in Spanish & English

Apr 23, 2015

Tomatoes from Murcia Tomatoes are just one of the many things the region of Murcia is famous for (along with golf courses, unused airports and La Manga). Our market garden – la huerta – provides Europe with an excellent array of salad, vegetables and fruit throughout the year. There are plenty of Spanish recipes with tomatoes, but this one is special to Murcia – the Murcia Salad.

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Chicken Pie – Hojaldre De Pastel De Pollo – Spanish Recipe

Jan 21, 2015

With very few ingredients this recipe would have been made from whatever leftovers were available plus a chicken from the coup. I was surprised to see sugar added in the pastry of this savoury dish, but it works really well. The pastry is rich and short, with just enough sweetness to contrast with the chicken. It is an excellent pie to take to share when you get invited to a party. I suggest serving it with a salad.

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Gambas al Ajillo – Prawns in Garlic – Recipe in Spanish & English

Dec 16, 2014
Gambas al Ajillo (c) flickr.com/formalfallacy

Gambas al Ajillo (c) flickr.com/formalfallacy

Who doesn’t like a bowl of sizzling prawns and chunks of Spanish bread for dipping into the sweet, garlicky sauce?

If you don’t have a heavy based clay pot (like a Le Creuset) you can use a good quality saucepan. You can use bags of peeled, frozen prawns if you prefer. I like a close up and personal approach to my food and don’t mind the peeling and de-veining!

This recipe is served at many fiestas in the Murcia area. Usually you get your own bowl so no one minds about the double dipping, but even if you’re sharing don’t leave a drop of the garlicky sauce behind!

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Try Rojiaos, Spinach Stew Recipe – Spanish Recipe from Moratalla

Dec 12, 2014
Moratalla Town House

Moratalla Town House

When we started work on the La Murta village cookery book we wanted to include recipes from as many families as possible. This meant that some of our contributors lived here in La Murta but may have come from different places – like me for example, I have a recipe included in the book. This recipe, Rojiaos, comes from the town of Moratalla, in the North West of the region of Murcia. The husband of the cook was born in the small fallen down house that I can see from my window as I type. His wife, María Cruz, was born in Moratalla. This recipe is a marriage of vegetables from the huerta here in Murcia and the flavours of the campo.

It’s an excellent recipe for sharing with groups of friends on a sunny winter’s day. As with many of the recipes from the book it scales well, just get a bigger pan and add more ingredients!

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Recipe for Mackerel in Brine – Receta de Estornino en Escabeche – Spanish Recipe

Nov 27, 2014

When I first moved to Spain I frequently saw tins of fish in escabeche or mussels in escabeche in the supermarkets, but I never really liked the look of them. I’m quite an adventurous eater, but the tins didn’t really catch my attention and when I tried them I wasn’t that impressed. When my friend Nasi said she wanted to cook Estornino en Escabeche for the La Murta cookery book I was intrigued. Would this be different, would it change my mind?

I think escabeche is a Marmite type dish, you either love it or hate it. I love it, when it’s home made!

Nasi making Escabeche

Nasi making Escabeche

Escabeche is found all around the Mediterranean, it is usually made with fish or seafood (sometimes with chicken, game or rabbit) and consists of an acidic marinade of vegetables & vinegar. This recipe works well with any oily fish – mackerel, herring or bonito. It is often served cold the next day after the flavours have had plenty of time to be absorbed. Make sure you have plenty of fresh Spanish bread for dipping in the sauce!

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