June 23, 2018
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Where Are My Emergency Knickers? Learning Spanish… Sort Of!

Feb 16, 2015

debs-horsey-july2012I’ve lived in Spain for 10 years now and for the first couple of years I hardly spoke any Spanish at all. Why? Well, my husband could speak Spanish. I was usually with my husband when we were with Spanish people, so I would let him do the speaking. I am also really quite shy by nature; many people won’t believe that because I always push myself to get over the shyness, but it’s there all the same. I am also very afraid of failing, of getting it wrong, of saying something really stupid and to be honest looking like an idiot. The fear of being bad at something has held me back a few times in my life, this was one of them.

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Top 5 Adventure Activities in the Murcia Region – Part 2

Nov 7, 2012

In part one we had a go at downhill bike riding and kayaking, now let’s get into horse riding…

Horse Riding

Horse riding in Corvera

Horse riding in Corvera

One of the brilliant things about this region of Spain is the thousands of miles of tracks and trails. For horse riders, the idea of being able to ride through the countryside without battling traffic or crossing busy roads is heaven. Here in Corvera, with EQ Centro Ecuestre you can enjoy hours of car-free hacking with only the occasional tractor or goatherd to disturb your peace.

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Top 5 Adventure Activities in the Murcia Region – Part 1

Nov 5, 2012

The region of Murcia has a host of activities to while away a sunny afternoon or keep you busy for a week or two. Here are five of our favourite ones.

Downhill Mountain Biking in the Sierra Espuña

Downhill bike ride in the Sierra Espuna, Murcia

Downhill bike ride in the Sierra Espuña, Murcia

The idea of cycling UP the Sierra Espuña never really appealed to my lazy bottom, however, freewheeling all the way down? That’s a different matter. With food at the end? Great, count me in!

An early start at the lovely hotel in Gebas in the Sierra Espuña, the guys were loading the trailer with bikes and spare kit, everyone piled into the vehicles and 3/4 of an hour later we were at the summit, ready for the descent. Even in August it’s cold at the top of the Sierra Espuña, I was shivering and ready to get started. You can see in the photo that we were above the clouds, which cleared up pretty quickly as we descended.

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The Unofficial Over 40s Riding Club (and kids can ride too!)

Jun 1, 2011
Debs & Sue Riding

Debs & Sue Riding

Having always had a burning ambition to be a horsewoman (it’s the spurs and whips that caught my attention) I eventually got round to buying my own horse when I hit my forties. Some people would say I was slightly crazy (especially my husband) for buying a rather large, specialist jumping horse with a strong character and lots of energy when I’m a novice with a few month’s training behind me. But after a shaky start (3 falls and a couple of months of pure panic) I’m off and running (and jumping) again.

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