June 23, 2018
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Why You Should Visit La Manga & The Mar Menor

Mar 10, 2015

Most visitors to the Murcia region will have heard of La Manga and when they arrive at San Javier airport they will see something that looks like Las Vegas rising shimmering from the Mar Menor. This is La Manga del Mar Menor.

The Mar Menor, Murcia

There are in fact two La Mangas in Murcia, La Manga del Mar Menor and La Manga Club. The former is the one most people usually explore first and this is a long narrow piece of land that more or less divides the Mar Menor Sea from the Mediterranean Sea. Its name translated from Spanish means, ‘the sleeve’ and from an aerial perspective it does look like a long arm jutting out protectively around the Mar Menor sea. It was formed when sand and sediment built up on underwater mountains eventually forming this nineteen kilometre column of sand and dunes. In the 1960s La Manga del Mar Menor, commonly called La Manga Strip, was discovered as a tourist resort and today it is covered in apartments and villas, the majority designed with the holiday maker in mind.

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Why You Should Visit Murcia City…

Mar 8, 2015

When people hear of Murcia they usually think of the coastline and in particular the Mar Menor & La Manga, rarely imagining how much fun a trip into the City of Murcia could be.

The city of Murcia is set in the heart of a rich fertile plain at just 43 metres above sea level. Unlike the rest of the Murcia region, where the terrain is dry and rugged, the soil here is irrigated by the River Segura and the land has been widely and fruitfully cultivated. In the city itself the old quarter is made up of a maze of narrow streets huddled together around the Cathedral. This labyrinth is only broken by the main roads crossing through it such as the Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo.

For you shop-aholics Murcia city has an excellent range of boutique designer stores, many literally rolling out the red carpet to welcome visitors.

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Where Are My Emergency Knickers? Learning Spanish… Sort Of!

Feb 16, 2015

debs-horsey-july2012I’ve lived in Spain for 10 years now and for the first couple of years I hardly spoke any Spanish at all. Why? Well, my husband could speak Spanish. I was usually with my husband when we were with Spanish people, so I would let him do the speaking. I am also really quite shy by nature; many people won’t believe that because I always push myself to get over the shyness, but it’s there all the same. I am also very afraid of failing, of getting it wrong, of saying something really stupid and to be honest looking like an idiot. The fear of being bad at something has held me back a few times in my life, this was one of them.

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Where To Eat in Los Alcázares & Surrounds – Part 2 of 2

Dec 15, 2014

The Mercadona Square at Los AlcázaresThis is a guest article from David Buse a long time resident of the Los Alcázares area.

Tapas Around Los Alcázares

For tapas I would recommend the Complejo Deportivo Municipal, yes the little restaurant at the Sports Centre in my, and many others opinion, does the best tapas in town and an excellent Menu del Día for lunchtimes only.

La Tropical in the centre of the old town serves very good tapas and is also a full menu restaurant where you can enjoy your food al fresco or in its atmospheric restaurant area decorated with a photo mural of by-gone.

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Where To Eat in Los Alcázares & Surrounds – Part 1 of 2

Dec 9, 2014
English Food

English Food

This is a guest article from David Buse a long time resident of the Los Alcázares area.

Restaurants in Los Alcázares & Surrounds

There is no better place to eat anywhere along the Costa Cálida than Los Alcázares, both for choice and quality. Los Alcázares is easily divided into two distinct areas that begin at the roundabout close to El Arbol. The modern part is to the North and the old part of town to the South. Most bars and restaurants are centred on Mercadona Square and the Avenida Rio Nalón. I have travelled extensively and there are few areas, of this size, that can offer such a varied selection of cuisine at such constant high quality.

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Discover The Mar Menor – San Pedro Del Pinatar, Las Salinas & El Mojón – Flamingoes, Salt Plains, Rugged Beaches, Boats

Nov 6, 2014
Salinas at San Pedro del Pinatar

Salinas at San Pedro del Pinatar

San Pedro Del Pinatar shares a border with the province of Alicante, is only 46km from Murcia city and is located between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea. In the nineteenth century San Pedro del Pinatar was transformed into a summer resort and became the home of many famous Spanish figures. Today, San Pedro del Pinatar is one of the most prosperous municipalities in the Region of Murcia and one of the major tourist destinations in the Costa Cálida.

There are fourteen kilometres of coastline between the two seas (the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor). The beaches on the Mar Menor side are Villananitos, La Puntica and La Mota. In the Mediterranean are the beaches of La Llana, which are the Playa de las Salinas, Barraca Quemada and Punta de Algas. Next to Las Salinas is the port area. Across the harbour are the Playa de la Torre Derribada and El Mojón.

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Golf for the Kids – Day Out With The Kids in Murcia, Costa Cálida

Oct 31, 2014

photo2When friends with kids come to stay we’re sometimes a little stuck for activities to do with them. There are only so many amazing Roman ruins 6 year olds want to see or mountains they want to walk up. And whilst the pool, sea and waterparks  are very compelling, it’s nice to do something a bit different, especially in the cooler months.

We recommend a few different activities for people with kids when visiting Murcia and the Costa Cálida – and of course one of those activities is golf!

This year we found Golf Delux over near the AP7 at Los Alcázares run by Ralf Karlsson from Sweden. They have a great setup where golfers & non-golfers can have a go at Adventure Golf, Minigolf, Lawn-ball and Golf-curling. Yup, I didn’t know what some of those were either!

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Discover The Mar Menor Series – San Pedro del Pinatar, Lo Pagan, Santiago de la Ribera, Los Alcázares, Los Nietos, El Carmolí, Cabo de Palos & Everywhere in Between!

Jul 16, 2014

Mar Menor Map from www.openstreetmap.org

Discover the Mar Menor with our series of articles on the towns along the inland coastline and download the Kindle ebook to get even more inside information on this beautiful holiday destination.

We have loads of photos to share to show you the beauty of this region. We cover the 35km of inland Mar Menor coastline: the towns, beaches, activities, restaurants and quirks. From the mud baths at Lo Pagan to the dive boats at Cabo de Palos.

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If you need a map for the area download this one: Mar Menor Mappa Map

In this series we cover:




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Tentegorra Park & Waterpark versus Aqua Natura Murcia

Jul 1, 2014

Coming on holiday to the Murcia region with your kids and you’ll no doubt be looking for a water park to visit. Of course you could zip up the coast and head into Benidorm for the Aqualandia experience, at about 23 euros per person, or to Aqua Natura in Benidorm for about the same price. Or you could stick around the Murcia area and enjoy one of our two water parks – Aqua Natura Murcia or the little known Parque Tentegorra near Cartagena.

Aqua Natura Murcia (Terra Natura)

Just North West of Murcia city on a natural hillside is Aqua Natura / Terra Natura Murcia a zoo and waterpark.

Terra Natura Murcia, the zoo, has 3 themed areas Kenya, Peninsular Iberica and Zanzibar. The basic entrance fee is around €20 but is discounted on the internet and in local papers by around €5 and it is well worth the cost to see animals and birds in their natural habitat. There are Birds of Prey and Sea Lions/Exotic Birds shows which start at about 12-00pm and 12-45pm respectively, with plenty of good seating available.

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Visit the Museo de Fuente Álamo, Murcia

Jun 5, 2014


The museum, Museo de Fuente Álamo, covers three floors, with a permanent paintings collection of local painters on the top floor, an exhibition of works of forging, weaving, carpentry, ceramics, esparto and agriculture based on the Campo de Cartagena, and in the basement a workspace for training and for temporary exhibitions.

The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00, Mondays to Fridays 17:00 to 21:00,



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