June 23, 2018
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Murcia-based, Spanish food & travel writer I'm the author of Going Native in Murcia, now in it's third edition. Get my new cookery books Spanish Village Cooking - Recetas del Campo and Spanish Cooking Uncovered: Farmhouse Favourites. I am also an editor and Booksmith.

Debbie Jenkins

Golf for the Kids – Day Out With The Kids in Murcia, Costa Cálida

Oct 31, 2014

photo2When friends with kids come to stay we’re sometimes a little stuck for activities to do with them. There are only so many amazing Roman ruins 6 year olds want to see or mountains they want to walk up. And whilst the pool, sea and waterparks  are very compelling, it’s nice to do something a bit different, especially in the cooler months.

We recommend a few different activities for people with kids when visiting Murcia and the Costa Cálida – and of course one of those activities is golf!

This year we found Golf Delux over near the AP7 at Los Alcázares run by Ralf Karlsson from Sweden. They have a great setup where golfers & non-golfers can have a go at Adventure Golf, Minigolf, Lawn-ball and Golf-curling. Yup, I didn’t know what some of those were either!

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Traditional Spanish Bread – Pan – Video

Oct 27, 2014
Bread proving

Bread proving

The traditional Spanish bread, pan, is a long loaf, kind of similar to the French baguette. You can also buy a pan redondo, a round loaf. In the traditional bakeries in Spain they make the bread daily and you can buy it warm in the mornings to have with your olive oil for breakfast. Of course you can also pop into a supermarket and buy their version of bread, which is usually fluffy, flavourless and hollow.

In Spain, especially in the Mediterranean area, there have been guilds of bakers for over 750 years.

Bread comes at every meal time in Spain – tostada y tomate for breakfast, a bocadillo for second breakfast, bread with your menu del día and of course bread to transport the tapas at supper! Or use bread for making migas or torrijas. For more Spanish food words take a look at this article:  Spanish Food & Drink Cheat Sheet

In the village of La Murta, where I live, home to 101 people, we make about 200 tonnes of bread per year – more than the weight of a jumbo jet! That’s about 548 kilos of bread per day. If the villagers had to eat it all we’d be eating over 5 kilos of bread each per day! It’s a good job our bread is enjoyed all around the region.

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Arroz con Costillejas y Magra de Cerdo – Rice with Spareribs & Pork – Spanish Recipe

Sep 18, 2014
Giant Paella - free food at fiestas

Giant Paella – our recipe ONLY makes enough for 6 people – not 200

Here in Murcia we don’t call our rice dishes paellas, we call them arroces. Paellas are Valencian, Arroces are Murcian.

We’ve eaten this dish at our friend’s house, Virtudes, so many times that I’ve lost count. Whenever there’s a big party at the caves Virtudes comes over with her huge rice pan and gets cooking. She usually has a small army of helpers and can get rice cooked for 40-50 people without breaking a sweat. I tried to make it a few times in the past, but I was missing that one step – cooking the spare ribs in a pressure cooker – this is the secret to tender meat and a delicious stock. With this recipe you can’t go wrong! Watch the video above to see an expert in action.

If possible it is best to use a paella pan, which has a large base and high sides, so the heat is spread evenly and the rice has room to expand. A large frying pan also works.

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Discover The Mar Menor Series – San Pedro del Pinatar, Lo Pagan, Santiago de la Ribera, Los Alcázares, Los Nietos, El Carmolí, Cabo de Palos & Everywhere in Between!

Jul 16, 2014

Mar Menor Map from www.openstreetmap.org

Discover the Mar Menor with our series of articles on the towns along the inland coastline and download the Kindle ebook to get even more inside information on this beautiful holiday destination.

We have loads of photos to share to show you the beauty of this region. We cover the 35km of inland Mar Menor coastline: the towns, beaches, activities, restaurants and quirks. From the mud baths at Lo Pagan to the dive boats at Cabo de Palos.

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If you need a map for the area download this one: Mar Menor Mappa Map

In this series we cover:




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Horchata de Almendras – Almond Milk – Spanish Recipe & Video

Jul 7, 2014

DSC_0027During the hot days of summer all around the Murcia area you will be able to buy this gorgeous and refreshing drink – Horchata. Made from almonds, sugar, lemon and ice, with a touch of cinnamon this is really a delicious way to use up your leftover almonds from the summer harvest. Keep a home made bottle in your freezer and defrost for 1/2 an hour before serving. I’ve even been known to add a little vodka to mine!

This recipe is from Pedro Pagán Noguera – Pedrico from La Murta

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Chef For A Day in Murcia at La Tapa Restaurant

Jul 1, 2014

Spain’s Master Chef – Begoña Rodrigo – was the chief judge at a cookery contest I entered with a recipe from our book: Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo.

The contest was run by Las Flores Quality Tapas – a chain of excellent restaurants in Murcia city. The first round was to enter your tapas recipe and then get votes on facebook. I got through to the second round in 3rd place – thanks facebook friends for voting for me!


The final of the contest was a wonderful opportunity to be a chef for the day at La Tapa restaurant in Plaza de Flores, Murcia. On a sunny Saturday morning the eight participants headed into the city to put the finishing touches on their dish. This was my first time in a professional kitchen. I was third to present my dish to the panel of judges which included two of the chefs from Las Flores Quality Tapas restarants, The Murcialist – Joaquin and of course Spain’s Master Chef – Begoña Rodrigo. I was led down from the upstairs kitchen, carrying one of my prepared plates and told to present myself to Begoña and introduce myself and the dish. Then we waited for the results.

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Tentegorra Park & Waterpark versus Aqua Natura Murcia

Jul 1, 2014

Coming on holiday to the Murcia region with your kids and you’ll no doubt be looking for a water park to visit. Of course you could zip up the coast and head into Benidorm for the Aqualandia experience, at about 23 euros per person, or to Aqua Natura in Benidorm for about the same price. Or you could stick around the Murcia area and enjoy one of our two water parks – Aqua Natura Murcia or the little known Parque Tentegorra near Cartagena.

Aqua Natura Murcia (Terra Natura)

Just North West of Murcia city on a natural hillside is Aqua Natura / Terra Natura Murcia a zoo and waterpark.

Terra Natura Murcia, the zoo, has 3 themed areas Kenya, Peninsular Iberica and Zanzibar. The basic entrance fee is around €20 but is discounted on the internet and in local papers by around €5 and it is well worth the cost to see animals and birds in their natural habitat. There are Birds of Prey and Sea Lions/Exotic Birds shows which start at about 12-00pm and 12-45pm respectively, with plenty of good seating available.

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Reviews & Articles About The Cookery Book: Recetas del Campo – Spanish Village Cooking

Jun 26, 2014

Here are some links to reviews and articles about the book Recetas del Campo – Spanish Village Cooking

Delightful new cookery book is a compilation of local recipes from the village of La Murta… from Novelist Joan Fallon


Ray’s version of Murcian Pie from the recipe book

Joan’s husband, Ray, cooked the Murcia meat pie – have a look at the review and photos. Joan is a novelist and writes with a Spanish theme, see my review of her book Loving Harry.

The book is clearly laid out in Spanish and English, so it is easy for a foreigner to identify the ingredients they need to buy in the local supermarket.  There are plenty of photographs of the dishes, always a good way to tempt the cook to try something new.


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Receta del Libro de Cocina de La Murta Llega a Final de la Competición

Jun 20, 2014

Debbie Jenkins, editor y co-autor del libro “Recetas del Campo – Spanish Village Cooking” está emocionado de ser uno de los finalistas en el concurso “Chef Por Un Día “, organizado por los restaurantes Las Flores Quality Tapas.

Debbie dice que eligió su plato para el concurso porque sus vecinos y co-autores de La Murta les lo gustó tanto que me solicitaron la receta e insistió en que se incluyó en el libro.

El final es el sábado 21 de junio en el restaurante La Tapa en la Plaza de Las Flores en Murcia.

Muchos de los colaboradores del libro de recetas de La Murta acompañará a Debbie el sábado para darle su apoyo.

La receta de Debbie es Cerdo Picante en Copas de Lechuga y se puede encontrar en www.lamurta.com.


  • La Murta es un pequeño pueblo en Murcia con sólo 107 habitantes. www.LaMurta.com
  • Marcus & Debbie Jenkins se trasladó a La Murta en 2005. Marcus es consultor de software y Debbie es  escritora, que escribieron juntos “Going Native In Murcia”, ahora en su tercera edición.
  • Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo está disponible en versión impresa para comprar en Amazon.com / Amazon.es / Amazon.co.uk y directamente de Debbie Jenkins por sólo € 15.
  • Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo está disponible en las ediciones de Kindle para € 3,77 .
  • NativeSpain.com es una pequeña editorial especializada en libros para los amantes de España . Títulos anteriores incluyen : “Going Native en Murcia”, “Buying Property in Murcia” y “The Cartagena City Guide”. Para obtener más información, visite http://www.NativeSpain.com
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  • Para recibir una copia de la revisión del “Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas Del Campo” o para hablar con los chefs de La Murta o Debbie Jenkins, ponte en contacto con Debbie Jenkins.


Spanish Village Cooking - Recetas del Campo

Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo

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